This I Know

9 06 2012

Three things I’ve learned this week.

1.  Weddings are suppose to have colors, apparently.  See I didn’t know that before, now I do.  I will likely do absolutely nothing with this information, but prior to this week (actually probably a little before, but it’s the first week of this segment, so I’m stretching it) was unaware that weddings were supposed to have specific colors, I thought you just you know picked stuff you liked and voila!

2. Getting a house ready to go on the market is a pain.  And a lot of work.  See, I KNEW this, but I this week I learned it.  In other news, does anyone want to buy a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath in St. Louis???  ‘Cause I know a really cute one!

3.  Sleep is really important.  Apparently the older you get the more likely this lack of sleep will impact how you feel and your ability to operate the next day.  Let’s hope that after the open house on Thursday my sleep patterns can return to normal.  At least until school starts again.