What’s been going on?

28 08 2012

Hey everyone,

So my new post 3X a week didn’t really workout and now that school has started I have no hopes of keeping that promise, so let’s just call it a failed experiment.  I still hope to write here from time to time and check in.

So the boy and I have made the move down to NC safely.  Europe and the Olympics were a blast and I hope to have a post and pictures up soon.  If I had it to do over again, would I take a two week vacation 5 days before I moved half way across the country?  I would not.  But I’m happy to say that almost everything seems to have made it.  And I can now say that I’ve driven a 17 foot UHAUL truck towing my car across the country (I also have no need to do that again!).

School started last week, I’m taking methods (statistics and research methods and experimental design), foundations, a cancer prevention and control seminar, and professional development.  Good times all around.  I’ve met with my advisor and the team I’ll be working with and everyone seems really nice, I’ll let you know more about the study and I, well, know more about it.

The apartment is nice, even if it’s considerably smaller than the house, and is close to the river and school.  I love sitting on the porch eating breakfast in the morning watching the squirrels fight/chase each other and watching the garden plot grow.  I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so we can make good use of the fire pit.

The boy has found a job, two actually, so that’s good.  Everyone is really nice and we are enjoying it thus far.





What’s Been Going On?

11 07 2012

Sorry about the delay in posting, things are busy!

So here’s the update, the ACA was upheld (more on that later),  on the 4th we went canoeing on the river and then to a BBQ and pool party at a friends house.  I got to hang out at Ted Drewes with one of my fav people, I’ve been packing up the house for our big move, I’ve said goodbye to two of my awesome bosses (sad) and submitted my letter of resignation to the University,  rented the house to some awesome people, and about ready to sign a lease in NC.  With all that going on, I’ve barely had time to get excited about our super cool vacation!



Be Happy

6 06 2012

This is the youtube video making me happy this week!

Awesome happy video

God Bless the Rains Down in Africa

12 10 2011

On my way to the airport!

See you all when I get back.  We’ll be blogging from this http://tbwell.posterous.com/ site.


Living Water 2

5 08 2011

We will be going to the site of the Gondola training center, a place that currently has a working well funded by The Gathering.

It is located in Manica Province, just off the N-4 highway, this training center for both laity and clergy will serve the UMC across the country. Safe water on the property makes it possible for caretakers to live there, maintenance of a sustainable farm, and is available for each building project. Pastor Veronica reports, “We were crying to receive a blessing from God. Here we have a blessings from God. For this community a big thing is safe water. We have an advantage to get water in this place. The water at the public school is not enough. We needed water here. Especially for the church because of the project – we have cabbage!”