Doctor Doctor, Tell Me the News

5 06 2012

Here is a little more information about the PhD program.  I’ll be getting my PhD in the department of Health Behavior at the School of Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill.

So what does that mean exactly? Well as my mom would say, it means I’ll be a doctor, but not the kind who can help anyone. (Haha).  Right now, about 2-10% of cancer patients are ever offered a clinical trial, which in some cases might be the best option for them.  I’m interested in developing tools and materials to help patients learn about clinical trials and make the decision that’s best for them and their families.  I don’t think clinical trials are the best options for everyone, but I think everyone should know all their options.

So for two years I’ll be taking classes in research methods, statistical analysis, health behavior, health communication, and a variety of other topics.  Additionally, I’ll be working with a faculty member doing research related to my interests.  After two years of classes, I’ll take my qualifying exam, prepare a dissertation proposal, and then write, present and defend my dissertation.  Depending on the topic this will take 1-3 years.  So in 3-5 years I’ll be a PhD!

I’m super excited to start!


Ch Ch Ch Changes

4 06 2012

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m going to try to be a bit better about posting updates.There is a lot that’s going on in my life right now, and most of it involves change.  I’ve been inspired by my awesome friend Kurt to be a bit more structured about my posts (also this will likely be the only way I can stick to updating).  Once a week I’ll post a general life update, three things I’ve learned, and a thing or things that made me happy that week. I’ll sometimes post other things too, but I’m going to try and stick to this schedule.

So here goes the update!

The first change is that I was accepted to the doctoral program at UNC!!  Come August I’ll be back in school learning all kinds of awesome stuff at the #2 school of public health in the country!  My mentor is awesome and I kind of can’t wait!

The second change is related to the first – I’m moving away from St Louis.  I’ve been here for 5 years, the longest I’ve lived anywhere other than Fairbanks.  I’ve bought a house, that I’m now selling, worked with amazing people, found a great church and small group, and some fantastic friends.  The boy is from here, so I’m happy we’ll have a good reason to come back here frequently for visits.

The third change is that I’m now engaged!  YAY!


It’s been a long time

25 01 2011

Hello faithful readers,

It’s been a long time, the end of the semester was brutal, but is finally over.  What’s happened since my last post?

I finished school, you may now address me as Master when you see me 🙂

I went to Georgia to hang out with the fam, awesome times!

I got a new job, I’m now a full time project manager, with an office and everything!

I visited Taubs in Milwaukee, where we did a lot of eating, shopping and relaxing!

I went sledding… more on that later.

I signed up for a half marathon (I blame it on the mom)!

I joined a small group at church.

I got some sleep.

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon so you can keep tabs on this Alaskan’s adventures around Tha Lou.

There’s So Much To Be Thankful For

24 11 2010

Two years ago my friend Rachel sent around a list of 10 things she was thankful for and my group of college friends all replied all with lists of our own.  Last year we did the same thing and I think it’s worthy enough to be a tradition. so I sent around my list this year and thought I’d share it with you all.

 Here is my 2010 list of 10  things I’m thankful for in (mostly) no particular order:

  1. My mom who has supported me and cheered me on my entire life.  I’m so very thankful that we have such a great and close relationship and that she is so totally awesome.
  2. Great friends and the fact that I’ve managed to find them in every city I’ve lived in.
  3. A job I really love, with people who are really great, doing things that make the world a better place.
  4. Carleton- where else could I have gotten a great education and made such great, funny, awesome friends who feel like they’re with me even when we’re far away. 
  5. Mountains and sunshine.
  6. Laughter and people who make me laugh.
  7. Finishing my MPH soon and being done with school for a while (free time)!
  8. Visiting the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Feb 2011 with Emm!!!!!
  9. That the people I love are happy and healthy.
  10. Other people’s creativity that allows me to enjoy awesome movies, great books, and cool music, among other things.

Much love and happy Thanksgiving

And I know I should go but I’ll probably stay

9 11 2010

So I’m pretty sure the place that this song lyric is referring to isn’t the library/lab, but that is where I’m staying instead of going home.

Yep, it’s that time in the semester when sleep becomes but a fond memory of things I used to do.

Here are some other things that are on that list.

  • Seeing and swinging Ophelia
  • Dinners that aren’t cereal or hot dogs
  • Showering long enough to enjoy it
  • Reading, for fun
  • Seeing people that aren’t in the lab or at school
  • Running
  • Watching TV/movies
  • Having a social life

But enough of feeling sorry for myself, things could be much much worse.  It could be finals week at Carleton!  Only 6 weeks left!