It’s been a long time

25 01 2011

Hello faithful readers,

It’s been a long time, the end of the semester was brutal, but is finally over.¬† What’s happened since my last post?

I finished school, you may now address me as Master when you see me ūüôā

I went to Georgia to hang out with the fam, awesome times!

I got a new job, I’m now a full time project manager, with an office and everything!

I visited Taubs in Milwaukee, where we did a lot of eating, shopping and relaxing!

I went sledding… more on that later.

I signed up for a half marathon (I blame it on the mom)!

I joined a small group at church.

I got some sleep.

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon so you can keep tabs on this Alaskan’s adventures around Tha Lou.


I am a Visitor Here I am Not Permanent

15 11 2010

A couple weekends ago, in a time known as BC (before comps) or BIGCAC (Before I got crazy about comps), I went to DC.  Three very exciting things occurred.

1. Three of my college girlfriends live there and we got to see each other and hang out.

ÔĽŅReplace LT (far left) in this pic with me, and replace the Seattle background with DC and voila it’s like we all took a picture together to celebrate how great it was to see each other.

2. Jon Stewart found out that I was going to be in town and scheduled his Rally to Restore Sanity on the same weekend. ¬†I managed to get my hands on a “special guest” pass (thanks Kyle and Nick) and it was AWESOME!!!! ¬†Here are some great signs and a “close up” of the man himself!

It’s true Matzah balls are WAY more delicious than bombs!

3. After standing for 5 hours and walking miles and miles to on Saturday, I still decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon. ¬†It was a glorious day, I felt about as good as one can hope to feel when running that far, and I think the Marines are some of the nicest most helpful people you’ll ever come across.

Dtown and I about 5:30 am on race day

And more pics from raceday (proofs from marathonfoto)

Mom was there to cheer me on!
So that was my Halloween weekend. ¬†All and all it was pretty awesome! ¬†I’m looking forward to many more exciting weekends free of homework and full of friends in the not too distant future.

It’s Getting Hot in Herre

24 08 2010

Well dear readers, as most of you know I’m now back in Tha Lou. ¬†It’s been great catching up with everyone and coming back to find my house still standing and in good shape (minus all the dust that accumulated). ¬†It however, has NOT been great coming back to this weather. ¬†To those who are saying “but you should have been here two weeks ago, that was hot” NO, this is hot and sticky and gross! ¬†On Saturday I made the ill considered decision to go for a run, at 3, about two miles in I was POURING sweat and turned around to come home, when I got to the street light, the sun came out from the clouds and the temperature went up about half a bajillion degrees. ¬†The sad thing- I stepped into the skinny shadow of the traffic sign shadow while I waited for the cross walk, the sadder thing- it helped.

So today I for my long run I wasn’t going to make that same rookie mistake. ¬†I woke up and was out running at sunrise… ¬†IT WAS STILL HOT! ¬†There is no dry piece of clothing on my body. ¬†To get my point across I’ve taken a picture that will likely ensure that I will stay single for the rest of my life, but the pony tail I’m hold up….. drenched in sweat. GROSS. ¬†78 degrees by the time I was finished. ¬†Excuse me I need to go jump in an ice bath!

I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind

11 08 2010

Remember crazy town?

Well thanks to some awesome PTs, Ruth and James, I’m finally back running. ¬†I’ve been trying to cram all the running in sub triple digit temps that I can into the last few weeks. ¬†Knock on wood I’ve been pretty pain free and I’m currently on track for my marathon on the fall.

I love that there are so many trails around here that I can run so easily. ¬†Creamers field, birch hill, UAF trails, and the bike trails along the Chena, just to name a few. ¬† In just a week, I’ll be sweating in the hot St Louis summer… ¬†but I’ll be happy to see my¬†familiar¬†routes there as well.

It’s a Crazy Town

15 06 2010

So those of you who read D town’s running log are familiar with crazy town.

I have been a resident of crazy town since well Nov or March ish depending on if you start counting when there was a problem with my knee/hip/back or when I ADMITTED there was a problem with my knee/back/hip.   Anyway after lots of PT, I can start jog/walking again (for 10 minutes at a time) as long as there is no pain.  Hurray!