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9 09 2011

Tropical to sub-tropical Mozambican climate with coastal temperatures high for much of the year while the interior is warm to mild, even in the cooler, dry season from April to September. In the south the hot, humid rainy season is from December to March, farther north this period lengthens by a few weeks. Coastal northern Mozambique climate is occasionally affected by tropical cyclones. It is usually sunny throughout the year.


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12 08 2011

Where is Mozambique?

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29 07 2011

Every Friday I will try to post facts about Mozambique and/or safe water.

In Mozambique extreme poverty remains widespread, with low life expectancy and a high child mortality rate. The government estimates that over half of the population does not have safe water to drink. This situation, combined with inadequate sanitation, means that water-related illnesses become killers, with diarrhea causing around 10% of deaths in children under the age of five. – WaterAid