What’s Been Going On

25 06 2012

Celebrated with the Rockstar on Monday morning for completing her dissertation!  Woooooo!  That night I had a killer migraine, plus I was really hot so I went to sleep on the floor in front the the AC vent.  The boy came over and was scared to find me on the floor when he knew I’d been sick…  oops.

Let’s see, we met with who will likely be our wedding photographer on Tuesday.  She was awesome, wheee!  Small group on wed, we are talking about Peter (the book of the bible). On Thursday I went to an awesome birthday party, (there was an awesome Captain America cake!),  Friday there was an awesome BBQ with our old kickball team to say goodbye to our Texas friends, good but sad times.   On Saturday we went to a really lovely wedding, short and sweet and full of love!  Lazy Sunday was just that, the boy go off work and came over to make breakfast, then we took refuge from the hottest day of summer by watching Brave and then we grilled steaks at his parent’s house and finished the night by seeing Thoroughly Modern Millie at The Muny in the free seats, plus of course watching the olympic trials!!!!! Whew!!


What’s Been Going On

19 06 2012

Last week I did a lot of cleaning, painting and final stuff for the house.  The guy finished painting the back addition, and we organized some closets.

I celebrated my former roomie’s  successful taking of stage 1 of her boards (for medical school).  We gathered together to eat salad and catch up and celebrate a really awesome accomplishment.

I started off the weekend by going out to Urban Chestnut for ladies night, it was great to see some old friends that I don’t get to see often enough and just relax.  Saturday the guy was riding home from work and his bike got a flat, so I went to pick him up in his truck and thought a lot about partnership and being there for each other.  It made me really excited to be married. It’s been hot here, so we had a lazy weekend, we ate out, went to see a movie (Rock of Ages), we had father’s day brunch at his parents house, and went to the heritage beer festival.  We finished off the weekend by watching one of my favorite movies Disney’s The Three Musketeers. All in all, pretty great stuff.


What’s Been Going On

13 06 2012

Life is really busy lately, but I’m struggling to remember if I did anything notable  last week.

Wednesday night I went to jazz at the Saint Louis Botanical Gardens with my small group from church.  It was a lovely day to sit outside, listen to some music, eat some food and enjoy the company of some awesome women, I will miss them a lot when we leave.  One other thing I will miss about STL is all the awesome free stuff there is to do.  Every Wednesday night you can hang out in the garden and listen to some music.  It’s very popular, and the weather has been cooperating, hurray!

Thursday I got my haircut and went to dinner with the boy and coach at Lily’s Mexican restaurant.  Coach is one of  the boy’s best friends and is a teacher and coaches soccer at a local school.  Lily’s is one of my fav spots in the Lou.  I used to live about half a block from there and I have found memories of walking there and eating after my long runs.  Salsa bar, family run, awesome dad who makes your margaritas, what more could you want?  So great! Good food, good people, good times.

This weekend was spent painting the guest room, the back porch, and cleaning to get ready for the pictures that will go up online when the house is on the market.  Yesterday the boy and I went to Llywelyn’s for a nice break from all the house stuff.  It’s amazing how much a nice meal, good company and getting a little dressed up can reset your mood.  Lovely.

Hey Girl, I Think I Want to Marry You

7 06 2012

As previously mentioned, I got engaged a couple weeks ago.  Here is the whole story.

It was my birthday and the boy (guess he needs a new nickname now) told me earlier that he had plans for the day.  So we went to brunch at our favorite spot.  Then we went to Oak Knoll Park where we had one of our first dates.  As we were walking around the park he kept pointing out things, “Do you remember walking here and talking about whether we were exclusive?” and ” Do you remember sitting and talking on that bench in the garden?” (Both answers were yes.)  Anyway we walked down near the pond and he pulled out the scrabble board.  He reminded me of when I got sick about 6 or 7 weeks into us dating and he brought over soup and scrabble to cheer me up.  This was the first of our many scrabble/words with friends bouts.  FYI I still beat him that first time, even with a 101 degree fever.  But I digress.  He pull out the board and said we should play.  On his turn he played marry me, and then got down on one knee and asked.  Awwwww.

You’ll notice that one of the pictures has an extra word in it.  Well that’s because I drew getting to go first and so I played pants (for 20 points!) and he played off of mine.  Perhaps his new blog name should be Pants Lover, (Note: not Pants’ lover).

And yes, he cheated and had the letters pocketed all morning!

Doctor Doctor, Tell Me the News

5 06 2012

Here is a little more information about the PhD program.  I’ll be getting my PhD in the department of Health Behavior at the School of Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill.

So what does that mean exactly? Well as my mom would say, it means I’ll be a doctor, but not the kind who can help anyone. (Haha).  Right now, about 2-10% of cancer patients are ever offered a clinical trial, which in some cases might be the best option for them.  I’m interested in developing tools and materials to help patients learn about clinical trials and make the decision that’s best for them and their families.  I don’t think clinical trials are the best options for everyone, but I think everyone should know all their options.

So for two years I’ll be taking classes in research methods, statistical analysis, health behavior, health communication, and a variety of other topics.  Additionally, I’ll be working with a faculty member doing research related to my interests.  After two years of classes, I’ll take my qualifying exam, prepare a dissertation proposal, and then write, present and defend my dissertation.  Depending on the topic this will take 1-3 years.  So in 3-5 years I’ll be a PhD!

I’m super excited to start!

Ch Ch Ch Changes

4 06 2012

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m going to try to be a bit better about posting updates.There is a lot that’s going on in my life right now, and most of it involves change.  I’ve been inspired by my awesome friend Kurt to be a bit more structured about my posts (also this will likely be the only way I can stick to updating).  Once a week I’ll post a general life update, three things I’ve learned, and a thing or things that made me happy that week. I’ll sometimes post other things too, but I’m going to try and stick to this schedule.

So here goes the update!

The first change is that I was accepted to the doctoral program at UNC!!  Come August I’ll be back in school learning all kinds of awesome stuff at the #2 school of public health in the country!  My mentor is awesome and I kind of can’t wait!

The second change is related to the first – I’m moving away from St Louis.  I’ve been here for 5 years, the longest I’ve lived anywhere other than Fairbanks.  I’ve bought a house, that I’m now selling, worked with amazing people, found a great church and small group, and some fantastic friends.  The boy is from here, so I’m happy we’ll have a good reason to come back here frequently for visits.

The third change is that I’m now engaged!  YAY!