Don’t call it a comeback

26 07 2011

Hello readers!

Welcome to the return of the blog.  Things in St Louis are very very hot right now!  It’s the second straight week of heat warnings and advisories.  Bleg!
Here’s an update on my life:

I started a new job in Dec and it’s been going great!  In Jan I survived snowmaggeden here  in STL, and as I previously posted, in Feb I went to the wizarding world of Harry Potter with McEdit (AWESOME).  March brought me to Atlanta to run a half marathon with my mom and April was packed with freeze-my-butt-off cheering on the cards at a baseball game,  running a half marathon in St Louis with my mom in the scorching heat, and celebrating my college girlfriends coming into town for a reunion. In May I saw Jason Aldean in concert, graduated, and had my birthday. In June, the boy and I went on a whirlwind trip of the AK (look for another post about how awesome that was!) and so far July has been spent enjoying modern conveniences like air conditioning, training for a triathlon, and wondering what in the world possessed me to sign up for a triathlon in Aug in St Louis.

I’m planning on posting a bit on my AK vacation, some on my adventures in St Louis and training, but the focus of my posts will likely be on my upcoming trip to Mozambique and the fundraising I’m doing for it.


Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

21 05 2010

Hi everyone and welcome to the blog.  Several people requested that I keep in touch about my Alaskan summer and I thought this would be a good way to that without bombarding your in boxes with my updates.

I hope you’ll find this entertaining, although I know it won’t be as entertaining as The farmer’s running log, nor as exotic as Panda’s Parents Paris adventures, or as cute overloading as The rockstar’s or Mcteach’s I hope you’ll still come back to find updates and see awesome, pretty good Alaska pics.