What’s Been Going On

25 06 2012

Celebrated with the Rockstar on Monday morning for completing her dissertation!  Woooooo!  That night I had a killer migraine, plus I was really hot so I went to sleep on the floor in front the the AC vent.  The boy came over and was scared to find me on the floor when he knew I’d been sick…  oops.

Let’s see, we met with who will likely be our wedding photographer on Tuesday.  She was awesome, wheee!  Small group on wed, we are talking about Peter (the book of the bible). On Thursday I went to an awesome birthday party, (there was an awesome Captain America cake!),  Friday there was an awesome BBQ with our old kickball team to say goodbye to our Texas friends, good but sad times.   On Saturday we went to a really lovely wedding, short and sweet and full of love!  Lazy Sunday was just that, the boy go off work and came over to make breakfast, then we took refuge from the hottest day of summer by watching Brave and then we grilled steaks at his parent’s house and finished the night by seeing Thoroughly Modern Millie at The Muny in the free seats, plus of course watching the olympic trials!!!!! Whew!!


What’s Been Going On

19 06 2012

Last week I did a lot of cleaning, painting and final stuff for the house.  The guy finished painting the back addition, and we organized some closets.

I celebrated my former roomie’s  successful taking of stage 1 of her boards (for medical school).  We gathered together to eat salad and catch up and celebrate a really awesome accomplishment.

I started off the weekend by going out to Urban Chestnut for ladies night, it was great to see some old friends that I don’t get to see often enough and just relax.  Saturday the guy was riding home from work and his bike got a flat, so I went to pick him up in his truck and thought a lot about partnership and being there for each other.  It made me really excited to be married. It’s been hot here, so we had a lazy weekend, we ate out, went to see a movie (Rock of Ages), we had father’s day brunch at his parents house, and went to the heritage beer festival.  We finished off the weekend by watching one of my favorite movies Disney’s The Three Musketeers. All in all, pretty great stuff.


Be Happy

14 06 2012

On Tuesday  my dear friend the Rockstar, turned in her dissertation draft to her committee!  AWESOME!  That does make me happy, but what makes me happier is this.

Within a month of meeting this amazing woman, I told my mom I thought I’d found a good life role model.  She had taken some time off between under grad and grad school, gotten married in her early 30’s, was about to become a mom to an ADORABLE little girl, and managed to be a funny, hip, cool, awesome and sassy lady through it all.  I immediately stalked her into being my friend (and it worked, yay!).  So when I got her email, sent at 5:23 am, I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate her accomplishment.  We get our hair cut at the same place, and I knew she was going in that day, so I called to pay for her appointment in advance.  Her happy thank you was the BEST thing ever.  Random acts of kindness are the bomb!

So I share this not in an effort to toot my own horn, but rather to remind myself (and maybe you), that sometimes doing something to make someone else’s day  will in fact make your own.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

10 02 2011

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend!!!!!! Wahoooo!!!!

Despite having been single for every single Valentine’s day of my life (save this up coming one), I have a, perhaps bizarre affection, for this little holiday.  On what other day is it socially acceptable for you to give tiny cards with action figures to your bosses and co workers?  NONE!  It’s all about telling the people you love that you love them, which is totally what I’m all about!

McEdit and I have taken to spending V-day together, in high school it was a natural fit, Mcteach and her bf were together- so we were each others valentines.  In college we sent cards, and last year I flew to Portland to hang  out and this year we are spending Valentine’s weekend in the most magical place on earth.  HARRY POTTERS WIZARDING WORLD!!!

Love you all!

Slip Sliding Away

27 01 2011

This is my fourth winter in St. Louis (pause to freak out).  Thus far it’s been the only real winter we’ve had (aka cold temps for more than 2 days in a row, and snow that sticks for longer than 12 hours)!  It’s been super exciting to be here for the snow and even more exciting to be here for…

Wait for it!


For those from the great state of AK, Art hill is to St. Louis what the University hill is to Fairbanks… an awesome sledding hill that everyone flocks to.

Now that I’m working full time, the boy and I had to wait until after dark, but the parks dept makes bonfires at the top of the hills to keep sledders warm…. Totally awesome.

Here is a view from the top of the hill at night!


And of course we wrapped up a good night of sledding with some hot chocolate.

Hope you are all getting to enjoy your winters, wherever they may be!

There’s So Much To Be Thankful For

24 11 2010

Two years ago my friend Rachel sent around a list of 10 things she was thankful for and my group of college friends all replied all with lists of our own.  Last year we did the same thing and I think it’s worthy enough to be a tradition. so I sent around my list this year and thought I’d share it with you all.

 Here is my 2010 list of 10  things I’m thankful for in (mostly) no particular order:

  1. My mom who has supported me and cheered me on my entire life.  I’m so very thankful that we have such a great and close relationship and that she is so totally awesome.
  2. Great friends and the fact that I’ve managed to find them in every city I’ve lived in.
  3. A job I really love, with people who are really great, doing things that make the world a better place.
  4. Carleton- where else could I have gotten a great education and made such great, funny, awesome friends who feel like they’re with me even when we’re far away. 
  5. Mountains and sunshine.
  6. Laughter and people who make me laugh.
  7. Finishing my MPH soon and being done with school for a while (free time)!
  8. Visiting the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Feb 2011 with Emm!!!!!
  9. That the people I love are happy and healthy.
  10. Other people’s creativity that allows me to enjoy awesome movies, great books, and cool music, among other things.

Much love and happy Thanksgiving

I am a Visitor Here I am Not Permanent

15 11 2010

A couple weekends ago, in a time known as BC (before comps) or BIGCAC (Before I got crazy about comps), I went to DC.  Three very exciting things occurred.

1. Three of my college girlfriends live there and we got to see each other and hang out.

Replace LT (far left) in this pic with me, and replace the Seattle background with DC and voila it’s like we all took a picture together to celebrate how great it was to see each other.

2. Jon Stewart found out that I was going to be in town and scheduled his Rally to Restore Sanity on the same weekend.  I managed to get my hands on a “special guest” pass (thanks Kyle and Nick) and it was AWESOME!!!!  Here are some great signs and a “close up” of the man himself!

It’s true Matzah balls are WAY more delicious than bombs!

3. After standing for 5 hours and walking miles and miles to on Saturday, I still decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was a glorious day, I felt about as good as one can hope to feel when running that far, and I think the Marines are some of the nicest most helpful people you’ll ever come across.

Dtown and I about 5:30 am on race day

And more pics from raceday (proofs from marathonfoto)

Mom was there to cheer me on!
So that was my Halloween weekend.  All and all it was pretty awesome!  I’m looking forward to many more exciting weekends free of homework and full of friends in the not too distant future.