But I Love To Fish

17 08 2010

Pictures from a truly splendid float down the Chena.  We caught a Greyling about every other cast.


Row row row your boat

5 08 2010

A few weeks ago, on a particularly magnificent Fairbanks summer day, my mom and I decided to float the Upper Chena.  We rented a canoe, got hot dog and s’more materials ready and loaded the car up with the gear for a day float down the river.  It was 80 degrees and very few clouds in the sky.  A day that makes you realize that life is good, and you are blessed.  Having practically been raised on the Chena River on weekends growing up, I was particularly excited to return to my childhood playground.  It did not disappoint.  The river was a little more challenging in a canoe than the raft I was accustom to growing up, but after a few bends and one semi close call with a sweeper, Mom and I had our rhythm and we made quite the team.

Why was it again that I decided not to grow up and be a fishing/rafting guide in Alaska for the summer?