Hey Girl, I Think I Want to Marry You

7 06 2012

As previously mentioned, I got engaged a couple weeks ago.  Here is the whole story.

It was my birthday and the boy (guess he needs a new nickname now) told me earlier that he had plans for the day.  So we went to brunch at our favorite spot.  Then we went to Oak Knoll Park where we had one of our first dates.  As we were walking around the park he kept pointing out things, “Do you remember walking here and talking about whether we were exclusive?” and ” Do you remember sitting and talking on that bench in the garden?” (Both answers were yes.)  Anyway we walked down near the pond and he pulled out the scrabble board.  He reminded me of when I got sick about 6 or 7 weeks into us dating and he brought over soup and scrabble to cheer me up.  This was the first of our many scrabble/words with friends bouts.  FYI I still beat him that first time, even with a 101 degree fever.  But I digress.  He pull out the board and said we should play.  On his turn he played marry me, and then got down on one knee and asked.  Awwwww.

You’ll notice that one of the pictures has an extra word in it.  Well that’s because I drew getting to go first and so I played pants (for 20 points!) and he played off of mine.  Perhaps his new blog name should be Pants Lover, (Note: not Pants’ lover).

And yes, he cheated and had the letters pocketed all morning!


13 10 2011

Hi all. Slight problem. We encountered mechanical difficulties in Dakar Senegal so we are here for the night. This will cause us tomiss our flight to Beira so we will likely be a day off the posted itinerary till Monday. I’ve been impressed with the way our team has handled it. We are all weary, but we’ve remained calm and optimistic. I think it bodes well for the upcoming weeks. I’m off to bed.

Where in the world is

23 08 2011

the Mozambique mission team going to be?

Here is our tentative itinerary.

Slip Sliding Away

27 01 2011

This is my fourth winter in St. Louis (pause to freak out).  Thus far it’s been the only real winter we’ve had (aka cold temps for more than 2 days in a row, and snow that sticks for longer than 12 hours)!  It’s been super exciting to be here for the snow and even more exciting to be here for…

Wait for it!


For those from the great state of AK, Art hill is to St. Louis what the University hill is to Fairbanks… an awesome sledding hill that everyone flocks to.

Now that I’m working full time, the boy and I had to wait until after dark, but the parks dept makes bonfires at the top of the hills to keep sledders warm…. Totally awesome.

Here is a view from the top of the hill at night!


And of course we wrapped up a good night of sledding with some hot chocolate.

Hope you are all getting to enjoy your winters, wherever they may be!

On A River Bank, With All My Friends

10 09 2010

Yep, Alaskans are awesome! Thanks to lefty for bringing this to my attention!

From Every Mountain Top

26 08 2010

Yes I’m back in Tha Lou, but I can still post beautiful pics from the drive back from Valdez right?

I’ll probably continue updating the blog with some remaining AK pics, and also updates about life back in St. Louis.

Backdrop of the Wrangells


Summit Lake


Horsetail Falls

Smoke on the water

21 08 2010

I firmly believe that Valdez on a beautiful day is maybe just a little bit like heaven.  We went out at 6 for fishing, and it was a typical cloudy, misty, foggy morning in the harbor.  As the day went on and the cooler got fuller, we got to enjoy some spectacular scenery.  The amazing views on the drive down and back are really a whole other post to themselves.

Prepare to be jealous!