What’s been going on?

28 08 2012

Hey everyone,

So my new post 3X a week didn’t really workout and now that school has started I have no hopes of keeping that promise, so let’s just call it a failed experiment.  I still hope to write here from time to time and check in.

So the boy and I have made the move down to NC safely.  Europe and the Olympics were a blast and I hope to have a post and pictures up soon.  If I had it to do over again, would I take a two week vacation 5 days before I moved half way across the country?  I would not.  But I’m happy to say that almost everything seems to have made it.  And I can now say that I’ve driven a 17 foot UHAUL truck towing my car across the country (I also have no need to do that again!).

School started last week, I’m taking methods (statistics and research methods and experimental design), foundations, a cancer prevention and control seminar, and professional development.  Good times all around.  I’ve met with my advisor and the team I’ll be working with and everyone seems really nice, I’ll let you know more about the study and I, well, know more about it.

The apartment is nice, even if it’s considerably smaller than the house, and is close to the river and school.  I love sitting on the porch eating breakfast in the morning watching the squirrels fight/chase each other and watching the garden plot grow.  I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so we can make good use of the fire pit.

The boy has found a job, two actually, so that’s good.  Everyone is really nice and we are enjoying it thus far.







2 responses

29 08 2012

I am glad that you and Kyle had a safe/fun vacation and relocation. I love NC and hope you continue to like it. I hope your school experience in NC is as rewarding and fulfilling as it was in St. Louis.

If you have a second, please send me your address.

Take care and a reminder from Papa “Study Hard”. I love you.

Love, Joan

2 09 2012

Yeah, that plan went right out the window for me, too.

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