What’s Been Going On

25 06 2012

Celebrated with the Rockstar on Monday morning for completing her dissertation!  Woooooo!  That night I had a killer migraine, plus I was really hot so I went to sleep on the floor in front the the AC vent.  The boy came over and was scared to find me on the floor when he knew I’d been sick…  oops.

Let’s see, we met with who will likely be our wedding photographer on Tuesday.  She was awesome, wheee!  Small group on wed, we are talking about Peter (the book of the bible). On Thursday I went to an awesome birthday party, (there was an awesome Captain America cake!),  Friday there was an awesome BBQ with our old kickball team to say goodbye to our Texas friends, good but sad times.   On Saturday we went to a really lovely wedding, short and sweet and full of love!  Lazy Sunday was just that, the boy go off work and came over to make breakfast, then we took refuge from the hottest day of summer by watching Brave and then we grilled steaks at his parent’s house and finished the night by seeing Thoroughly Modern Millie at The Muny in the free seats, plus of course watching the olympic trials!!!!! Whew!!




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