Be Happy

14 06 2012

On Tuesday  my dear friend the Rockstar, turned in her dissertation draft to her committee!  AWESOME!  That does make me happy, but what makes me happier is this.

Within a month of meeting this amazing woman, I told my mom I thought I’d found a good life role model.  She had taken some time off between under grad and grad school, gotten married in her early 30’s, was about to become a mom to an ADORABLE little girl, and managed to be a funny, hip, cool, awesome and sassy lady through it all.  I immediately stalked her into being my friend (and it worked, yay!).  So when I got her email, sent at 5:23 am, I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate her accomplishment.  We get our hair cut at the same place, and I knew she was going in that day, so I called to pay for her appointment in advance.  Her happy thank you was the BEST thing ever.  Random acts of kindness are the bomb!

So I share this not in an effort to toot my own horn, but rather to remind myself (and maybe you), that sometimes doing something to make someone else’s day  will in fact make your own.




One response

14 06 2012

My dear Jenny, it made me extraordinarily happy, and like I said, I cannot WAIT to do the same for you. That is, after I make it through your wedding without blubbering like a fool the entire time. Which I might. Hope that’s okay!

I have always told others that YOU are MY role model in being the happiest, most positive and confident person I know. No one else continues to let happiness rule her life like you do, and that is a rare trait that attracts others like bugs to the light. You’re the light. We’re the bugs. 🙂

Love, the Rockstar.

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