What’s Been Going On

13 06 2012

Life is really busy lately, but I’m struggling to remember if I did anything notable  last week.

Wednesday night I went to jazz at the Saint Louis Botanical Gardens with my small group from church.  It was a lovely day to sit outside, listen to some music, eat some food and enjoy the company of some awesome women, I will miss them a lot when we leave.  One other thing I will miss about STL is all the awesome free stuff there is to do.  Every Wednesday night you can hang out in the garden and listen to some music.  It’s very popular, and the weather has been cooperating, hurray!

Thursday I got my haircut and went to dinner with the boy and coach at Lily’s Mexican restaurant.  Coach is one of  the boy’s best friends and is a teacher and coaches soccer at a local school.  Lily’s is one of my fav spots in the Lou.  I used to live about half a block from there and I have found memories of walking there and eating after my long runs.  Salsa bar, family run, awesome dad who makes your margaritas, what more could you want?  So great! Good food, good people, good times.

This weekend was spent painting the guest room, the back porch, and cleaning to get ready for the pictures that will go up online when the house is on the market.  Yesterday the boy and I went to Llywelyn’s for a nice break from all the house stuff.  It’s amazing how much a nice meal, good company and getting a little dressed up can reset your mood.  Lovely.




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