Doctor Doctor, Tell Me the News

5 06 2012

Here is a little more information about the PhD program.  I’ll be getting my PhD in the department of Health Behavior at the School of Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill.

So what does that mean exactly? Well as my mom would say, it means I’ll be a doctor, but not the kind who can help anyone. (Haha).  Right now, about 2-10% of cancer patients are ever offered a clinical trial, which in some cases might be the best option for them.  I’m interested in developing tools and materials to help patients learn about clinical trials and make the decision that’s best for them and their families.  I don’t think clinical trials are the best options for everyone, but I think everyone should know all their options.

So for two years I’ll be taking classes in research methods, statistical analysis, health behavior, health communication, and a variety of other topics.  Additionally, I’ll be working with a faculty member doing research related to my interests.  After two years of classes, I’ll take my qualifying exam, prepare a dissertation proposal, and then write, present and defend my dissertation.  Depending on the topic this will take 1-3 years.  So in 3-5 years I’ll be a PhD!

I’m super excited to start!




One response

5 06 2012
Joan Cochran

As the spouse of a cancer patient (for almost 9 years) I agree that everyone should be give every option out there! You go GIRL! Can’t wait to say, my
niece just got her PHD! Wow.

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