Where in the world is

23 08 2011

the Mozambique mission team going to be?

Here is our tentative itinerary.


Living Water 3

12 08 2011

Where is Mozambique?

Living Water 2

5 08 2011

We will be going to the site of the Gondola training center, a place that currently has a working well funded by The Gathering.

It is located in Manica Province, just off the N-4 highway, this training center for both laity and clergy will serve the UMC across the country. Safe water on the property makes it possible for caretakers to live there, maintenance of a sustainable farm, and is available for each building project. Pastor Veronica reports, “We were crying to receive a blessing from God. Here we have a blessings from God. For this community a big thing is safe water. We have an advantage to get water in this place. The water at the public school is not enough. We needed water here. Especially for the church because of the project – we have cabbage!”

And So Began My Love Affair With Water

1 08 2011

In sub-Saharan Africa alone, 40 billion hours of labor are wasted each year carrying water over long distances.

Access to clean water is the foundation for other forms of development. Without easy access to water that is safe, countless hours are spent in water collection, household income is spent on purchasing water and medical treatment for water-related diseases. These factors contribute to keeping people trapped in poverty.

The statistics indicate a two-way relationship between extreme poverty and lack of access to safe water. More than a billion people live on less than a dollar a day, including the vast majority of those without access to safe water.

“Water management is a key factor in the global battle to remove the scourge of extreme poverty and to build secure and prosperous lives for hundreds of millions of people in the developing world.” – World Health Organization, 2007