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26 07 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

As some of you may know, I visited Africa in 2006.  During the trip I saw many unforgettable sights: lions mating, zebras on the Serengeti and baby elephants.  I also saw women walking along the roads with jugs of water on their heads and on their backs.  Eastern African was in the middle of a drought and water was hard to come by.  I will never forget the rusty color of muddy water that was filling the yellow water jugs as children played in the water hole.

For the last two years my church, The Gathering, has used our Christmas Eve offering to fund wells for safe water in Africa- our money helped to build 3 wells in Mozambique. This October, a group of us will be visiting Mozambique on a mission trip.  We’ll be nurturing a relationship with the village by helping with construction, tutoring and teaching basic computer and Internet skills.

Why is a well important?
•    It provides safe water for local people.
•    Saves time- previously women had to fetch river water from miles away.
•    Helps turn previously barren land into several acres of crops.

Why is supporting the training center important?
•    The training center will maintain the well.
•    Keeps the well from being co-opted by one person.
•    Ensures continued public access to safe water.
•    Provides skills and services to locals.

I’ve committed to raising $4,000.  The money will go toward building supplies, training materials, and offsetting the housing and transportation costs.

I know giving to charitable causes is very personal.   If you currently support a cause and cannot contribute, I understand. However, if you are looking for a cause to support, I believe this is a worthy one and hope you will support in whatever way you feel comfortable.   A financial contribution will be VERY helpful, but if that isn’t an option right now there are other ways to be a part of my success.  Consider donating some of your contacts by sharing this letter with other family member or friends who might want to support this cause.
If you’re the praying kind, any and all prayers for myself, the team, the towns and villages we’ll be working with would be much appreciated.
If you would like to support me financially, please send your tax free donation to me by Aug 15th (shoot me an email/leave a comment if you need my address).  Checks should be made out to The Gathering with Mozambique mission in the memo line. If you would like to keep updated about this, I’ll be posting about preparing for the trip here and if/when possible I’ll up date the blog in Africa.

Lots of Love!




2 responses

3 02 2012

I love this picture of the girl by the water. Did you take this yourself? I want to use it!

12 03 2015

If you want to send something, where do you send it to.

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