Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

10 02 2011

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend!!!!!! Wahoooo!!!!

Despite having been single for every single Valentine’s day of my life (save this up coming one), I have a, perhaps bizarre affection, for this little holiday.  On what other day is it socially acceptable for you to give tiny cards with action figures to your bosses and co workers?  NONE!  It’s all about telling the people you love that you love them, which is totally what I’m all about!

McEdit and I have taken to spending V-day together, in high school it was a natural fit, Mcteach and her bf were together- so we were each others valentines.  In college we sent cards, and last year I flew to Portland to hang  out and this year we are spending Valentine’s weekend in the most magical place on earth.  HARRY POTTERS WIZARDING WORLD!!!

Love you all!




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