Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

10 02 2011

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend!!!!!! Wahoooo!!!!

Despite having been single for every single Valentine’s day of my life (save this up coming one), I have a, perhaps bizarre affection, for this little holiday.  On what other day is it socially acceptable for you to give tiny cards with action figures to your bosses and co workers?  NONE!  It’s all about telling the people you love that you love them, which is totally what I’m all about!

McEdit and I have taken to spending V-day together, in high school it was a natural fit, Mcteach and her bf were together- so we were each others valentines.  In college we sent cards, and last year I flew to Portland to hang  out and this year we are spending Valentine’s weekend in the most magical place on earth.  HARRY POTTERS WIZARDING WORLD!!!

Love you all!


Working 9 to 5

2 02 2011

Ah, the real world.  Seriously, I’m not sure what it is everyone complains about.  As far as I’m concerned this whole work 40 hours a week and then go home and not have to do homework and go to class is a pretty sweet gig.  Also do you know how much easier it is to make ends meet on a full time salary rather than a part time one?  Count me in as a fan of the real world:)

Anyway, a few people have asked about my new job (those who didn’t can make it up to me with cookies, brownies, massages, any way you see fit :))

Here’s the deal my time is split between four projects.  Half of my time I spend as a project manager, right now that means doing some research paperwork, managing some freaking amazing RA’s, and soon it’ll mean overseeing recruitment, managing data, and assisting with publications and grant writing.  The other half of my time is spent working on one of our big projects, currently it’s all about uploading pictures/messages/templates etc to a database, but soon it’ll be helping our community partners use the system and tracking how they are using it.

Recently our lab won an award for awesomeness (or something more technical).  This is a video that explains the type of thing we do at the lab.  While this isn’t my project exactly, it’s related to it.  AWESOME!