And I know I should go but I’ll probably stay

9 11 2010

So I’m pretty sure the place that this song lyric is referring to isn’t the library/lab, but that is where I’m staying instead of going home.

Yep, it’s that time in the semester when sleep becomes but a fond memory of things I used to do.

Here are some other things that are on that list.

  • Seeing and swinging Ophelia
  • Dinners that aren’t cereal or hot dogs
  • Showering long enough to enjoy it
  • Reading, for fun
  • Seeing people that aren’t in the lab or at school
  • Running
  • Watching TV/movies
  • Having a social life

But enough of feeling sorry for myself, things could be much much worse.  It could be finals week at Carleton!  Only 6 weeks left!




One response

9 11 2010
Joan Cochran

Hang it there sweetie. I promise strawberry pie and sweet potato caserole, plus
“fried” ham as soon as I can see you.

I love you and am very proud of you.

Aunt Joan

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