It’s Getting Hot in Herre

24 08 2010

Well dear readers, as most of you know I’m now back in Tha Lou.  It’s been great catching up with everyone and coming back to find my house still standing and in good shape (minus all the dust that accumulated).  It however, has NOT been great coming back to this weather.  To those who are saying “but you should have been here two weeks ago, that was hot” NO, this is hot and sticky and gross!  On Saturday I made the ill considered decision to go for a run, at 3, about two miles in I was POURING sweat and turned around to come home, when I got to the street light, the sun came out from the clouds and the temperature went up about half a bajillion degrees.  The sad thing- I stepped into the skinny shadow of the traffic sign shadow while I waited for the cross walk, the sadder thing- it helped.

So today I for my long run I wasn’t going to make that same rookie mistake.  I woke up and was out running at sunrise…  IT WAS STILL HOT!  There is no dry piece of clothing on my body.  To get my point across I’ve taken a picture that will likely ensure that I will stay single for the rest of my life, but the pony tail I’m hold up….. drenched in sweat. GROSS.  78 degrees by the time I was finished.  Excuse me I need to go jump in an ice bath!




One response

24 08 2010
joan cochran


I feel your pain. This has been an extremely hot summer, one of the worse I can remember; but it really is cooler than it was about 2 weeks ago. Our electric bill shows just how hot it has been.

I hope you get some Alaska summer weather in St Louis soon, and maybe it will get to GA as well.
Love, Aunt Joan

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