With a little help from my friends

9 08 2010

So I know that most of my posts have been about the awesome places that I’ve been or adventures I’ve had.  In truth, those things have been great, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave you with the impression that those are the only things I’ve loved about being home.  With all love and affection for my lower 48 friends and family, there is just something unique and wonderful about Alaskans, and I’ve very much loved seeing all of them while I’ve been here.

From board games with McTeach and McEdit, walks with my Hero and her dog, cribbage/moose/beirut/fishing/movies with the Fireman and/or Zoolander, dinner and cribbage with my tattooed namesake and her kiddos, BBQ’s/walks/parades/movies with ‘Zaga, potlucks with my youth group girls,  to tacos  and road tripping with Lefty, it’s been fantastic seeing and hanging out with everyone.  I will miss having hiking/fishing buddies to call upon, places to partake in such activities, and I’m sad to be leaving soon.   That said, I do miss all you St. Louis and Carleton and I’m excited to see you all soon for Ted Drew’s, Forest Park walking, and weddings in Boston.  For those readers not in those two groups, I miss you too, perhaps you should come visit 🙂

Here are some pics of hanging out

Me and The Fireman hanging out

Kicking the boys butts at cribbage

Zoolander and I chilling out

Board games with my girls

My Hero and my walking partner, Artie.




One response

9 08 2010
Liz Stigs

Love seeing you & your friends, Jen! We need to face-off in Cribbage some time! 😉 xoxo

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