Jennifer, throw another log on the fire

19 07 2010

Over the 4th of July, Mom and I went up to Denali National Park to hike and fish and hang out.  The first day we attempted to hike Mt. Healy, however about half way up we got poured on, and decided to turn back since the terrain was already getting a little iffy.  Mountain hiking on slippery rocks and tree roots is not a great plan.  So we came back ate at Lynx Creek Pizza (yum) and then settled in while the weather periodically got better and worse.  In the afternoon we went down to Savage River (as far as you can drive into the park) and hiked around until it started raining again.  Then a very important event occurred…. FIRST CAMPFIRE OF THE SEASON!!!!!  Wahooo!  Hot dogs and S’mores YUM!

The next day the weather cleared, thought not enough for the mountain to be out, but enough to tackle the climb again.


Half way to the top

Where we started, more or less is the little village down there with the blue roofs.

Cloudy at the summit of Mt. Healy!

Even the squirrel wanted to enjoy the view!

I love Alaska this much!




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