These are my confessions

18 07 2010

Hello loyal readers (all 5 of you)!  I’m sure that due to my lack of posting you’ve all been wondering if I’ve been eaten/attacked by a grizzly, like this dude or these peeps .  Perhaps you were concerned about my being stampeded by a moose on a bicycle like some unfortunate folks earlier this week.  Thankfully, none of that is true.  My confession is just that I’ve been pretty darn busy between working and adventuring to post regularly.  I’ll try to get my pics and posts of my trips to Denali National Park, hiking Mt. Healy, canoeing the Chena River, fishing for grayling, and driving the Denali Highway up by next week.  In the mean time: Alaska is awesome, and I’m alive and fantastic!




One response

19 07 2010
Joan Cochran

I am so glad that none of those unfortunate incidents have happened to you and
that you are truly enjoying you Awesome Alaska. Much to soon you will have to
return to the lower 48 and the old grindstone.
Everyone here is fine as far as I know.

Enjoy the rest of you summer and I will see you whenever GA is on your mind.

Aunt Joan

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