27 06 2010

So my posts have been a little lacking, last week I was at my college reunion and then this past week was very busy.

On Wed morning the 16th at 1am I got on a plane to head to my 5 year college reunion (yes my college has reunions, yes I was excited to go, yes it’s OK to be jealous of my awesome alma!).  I got in to Minneapolis at noon and met Stigs at the airport with a sign that included the phase, party of awesome!  We took the bus to get to the workplace of our host for the night, a lady I shall refer to as 13 kills for breakfast.  We went to the new house of Frenchy and Ceecee for a delicious BBQ and the next day we all headed down to Carleton to sign in and get our dorm keys.

The weekend was amazing, it was great for all us girls to be together again and revel in our loudness and togetherness.  It was also super exciting to see and  catch up with the people I haven’t seen in 5 years.  Everyone is doing such cool and awesome things with their lives.

I’m attaching some pics of a fantastic weekend.

Welcome us!

Walking in the Arb!

The 7 of us girls decided to make a large timeline for us to help remember what’s happened and what overlapped with what periods of people’s lives.

Beautiful weather for hanging out on the hill of 3 oaks.

Being deliriously happy and loud at the same time!

Last day 😦

In short, it was awesome being back on campus for the first time in 5 years.  It was definitely a different feeling than when we get together on our own in various cities.  It was great to reconnect with everyone and I can’t wait for the next one! Yay Carleton!




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