Turn Around, Every Now and Then

16 06 2010

On the drive to Homer we go by Turnagain Arm.  Turnagain Arm is part of the Cook Inlet and exhibits a tidal bore. The bore may be more than six feet high and travel at 15 miles per hour on high spring tides.  It is known for it’s abundance of silt and at low tide, much of the  silty bottom is exposed, making marine navigation difficult.  These mudflats can also be dangerous to walk on, exhibiting quicksand-like characteristics, and have claimed the life of at least one beach explorer who has wandered out on them and was unable to be rescued before the super fast and high tide came in.

So the lesson is, it’s pretty to look at, but DON’T go out on the flats.




One response

18 06 2010


So this morning Ophelia was playing with your quilt while on her changing table, and I said “Jenny made that. Jenny’s in Alaska.” and Ophelia said: “Jenny sin RuhLaska?” and I said “yup, Jenny sin RuhLaska!”

I will now have to show her where RuhLaska is.

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