Every Time I Go Out To Your Place You Gone fishin’

9 06 2010

We went down to the Peninsula to do some fishing last weekend.  Nililchik doesn’t have a harbor, so the boats are launched from the beach with huge tractor trailers that launch you into the water.  Growing up we had a boat in Valdez, where there is a harbor, so this was a new experience for me. 

We fished for kings and halibut, but it was towards the end of the king salmon run so we didn’t catch any of those.  It was my first time out for halibut, and the waves were pretty choppy at first, but once the tide stopped coming in the waters calmed down a bit.  The catching was good, we had a pretty steady stream of bites, and since the limit on halibut is 2 a day we thew back a lot of smaller fish.  We didn’t catch any huge ones, but each got our limit and they were decent size (20-25 pounds).  The fishing was the hardest I’ve done in my life.  We were fishing deep (180 feet) and the rods were heavy and weighted and bringing those fish up was HARD!  From people I’ve talked to it’s not always that hard so it must depend on the set up.

Me steering the boat

Cold and sunny fishing for kings

Mom reeling in a halibut

Us and our non record breaking catch




One response

14 06 2010

We are going fishing while we are home too. I can’t wait!

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