It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

5 06 2010

With less than two weeks here, I’m already having to say goodbye.  McTeach, the Maestro and The Cakemonster are headed down the Alaskan Highway to Washington.

Having traveled the Alaskan Highway 3 times I don’t envy them the trip with an almost 2 year old, even if he is super CUTE.

For those unfamiliar with the Alaskan highway, here as some fun facts to bring you up to speed.

  • Proposals for a highway to Alaska originated in the 1920s. Donald MacDonald dreamed of an international highway spanning the United States, Canada and Russia. In order to promote the highway, Slim Williams originally travelled the proposed route by dog sled.
  • The Canadian government perceived no value in putting up the required funds to build the road, since the only part of Canada that would benefit was not more than a few thousand people in the Yukon.
  • The attack on Pearl Harbor and beginning of the Pacific Theatre in World War II, coupled with Japanese threats to the west coast of North America and the Aleutian Islands, changed the priorities for both nations.
  • On February 6, 1942 the construction of the Alaska Highway was approved by the United States Army and the project received the authorization from the U.S. Congress and PresidentFranklin D. Roosevelt to proceed five days later.
  • Because the highway is so long and goes through very undeveloped areas, travelers use The Milepost, an extensive guide book to the Alaska Highway and other highways in Alaska and Northwest Canada.  It is published annually and is the foremost guide to travelling the highway.  This helps travelers know when the next rest stop, gas station is, lodge/B&B/campground is since you can go 100-200 miles between such conveniences.

Pictures of the going away BBQ.

The Cakemonster finds my nose

Wha sat, wha sat Je’y?

Abby the agile chases after the water.

McEdit tries on the bike for size.

The Cakemonster approaches and attempts to help. This is then followed by cries of “Push her Je’y, push her” which is then followed by McEdit and myself  “crashed” on the ground in fits of laughter.

Let me show you ladies how it’s done.

“pick boo”

Safe travels, Alaska misses you guys!




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7 06 2010

What a cutie!

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