‘Nother Brick in the Wall (Brick 1)

4 06 2010

So I’m starting a new segment here on the blog.  I was going to call it Fun Fact Friday but then I realized that I wasn’t sure I could come up with all that many “fun” facts, and didn’t want to be accused of false advertising, so I thought about just  entitling it Fact Friday or Friday Facts…. but that would ruin the whole blog-post-titles-from-song-lyrics thing I’ve got going (yeah I know I’m probably the only one who’s noticed, (can you notice something you’ve intentionally done?) (can you put parentheses inside parentheses in things other than math problems)), but let’s be honest, once I’ve started something, I’m going to finish it for better or worse).  So after a lot of searching for songs with facts in the lyrics (that weren’t lame), Pink Floyd popped into my head and I’m running with it.

Alaskan fun fact:  Alaska is 1/5 the size of the contiguous state, 2.5 the size of texas, and when superimposed over the lower 48 the panhandle to the Aleutian Islands spans the distance from the the East coast to west coast.

Gentle readers: Ummm it’s late here, it’s past midnight, the sun is still up but my brain might not be (see parenthetical sentence above).  In any case, forgive the lack of editing, polish and professionalism I know you’ve all come to expect from me :).




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