Ice Ice Baby, Too Cold

3 06 2010

I’ve learned a lot from reading Panda’s Parents’ blog, and one thing I’ve become jealous of is the free days/nights for museums in Paris.  I think it’s clear that someone somewhere was listening to my inner thoughts because last Saturday was free museum day here in the ‘banks ( noon-5 was free so I’m not sure it was really a day so much as some hours, but it’s a start).  Mom and I hit up the Ice Museum since neither of us had ever been.

It’s a pretty small museum, OK, fine, it’s tiny, but pretty neat.  You can see a world champ ice carver do a demo, and they have three display cases with ice sculptures in them, one of which you can walk in.  Would it be worth the $10 entrance fee? No, but it was fun!

Ice Bear

Ice bear swimming

Ice carver

More ice carver

Real parkas are much warmer!




2 responses

3 06 2010

Thanks for the shoutout, and way to hit up a free museum! Maybe we should start an online course about maximizing free museum opportunities around the world.

Also, I can’t believe you made it through this entire post without describing it as “the only thing cooler than cool: ice cold.” Did the demo include an opportunity to do any ice-sculpting yourself?

Loving the blog, keep ’em coming!

3 06 2010

Okay, okay, I won’t make any super-obvious (and super-obviously-stupid) jokes about getting eaten by an ice polar-bear, but let’s just consider them already said 🙂 Also, remember the ice golden snitch at Carleton? SO cool.

And I agree, I love hearing about your adventures, keep them coming!

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