We’re the Three Best Friends That Anybody Could Have and We’ll Never Ever Leave Each Other

2 06 2010

For the first time since Aug 2007 my two best friends from high school and I were all in the same place. McEdit was up for the weekend helping her parents clean out the basement and McTeach has lived here for the last three years, but leaves today for Yakima.  So we had one fantastic night of reliving our high school days by eating our high school road trip food, the requisite Ben and Jerry’s pints, listening to our road trip standbys (Greenday, American wedding, Shrek soundtrack, various musicals) and playing games.  I laughed harder than I have in ages, and was reminded yet again what freaking amazing people I have in my life.

When I took this picture did I go OK 1, 2, 3….??? Yes.

Victorious once again at Castle Panic!

McTeach’s excellent clue for Saturday Night Live, or John Travolta…Can’t remember now.

Here I am acting out the pony in My Little Ponies.

McEdit doing just one part of her Wonder Woman act.

Here are the last pics that this trio will have together for a while.  Good times, Good times.




One response

2 06 2010
Emmalisa Sparrow

#1. I love being McEdit. Tee hee
#2. I thought you were going to tag Roxy and Go-go. Or was that on FB?
#3. Mmmmm. Ice cream.
#4. Miss you already!

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