But I Can’t See it for All This Smoke

31 05 2010

Ah Memorial day weekend, and what a glorious one.  It’s been all sunshine all the time for the week I’ve been here, it has rained all of one time, for about 15 minutes.  Sounds perfect, and would be except with a low snowfall for winter and a dry spring, the wild fires are off to a blazing start.  It’s early in the fire season and already they are monitoring 87 active blazes across the state. So far this year they’ve burned 260,000 acres.

Yesterday we went up and hiked Ester Dome,  I took some pictures of what are normally beautiful views, alas the smoke made them less stellar, but the hike was fun and the air didn’t smell smoky.

Mom on the trail up to the top of Ulerhaven (aka the out and back).

My pictures of the top (hampered by smoke)

Just for reference, here are some views you can usually see from the top.




One response

1 06 2010
Liz Stigs

Even with the smoke, looks like a beautiful hike, Jen!!

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